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Wendy Burke

Wendy burke BOD Pic-2023.jpg

President of the Board of Directors

Wendy Burke’s communications career began when she took an operator test. At AT&T she studied many different switches and received multiple certifications in administration. Through her 10 years at AT&T she worked up to a management position and learned the meaning of “how can I provide excellent service for you” daily. As AT&T began a service reduction, Wendy moved on to another management position with a worldwide pharmaceutical company. Over 10 years of service, she learned about multiple cultures, customs and multicultural sensitivities while supporting many areas of Telephony within the company. Again, downsizing caused many changes and after 14 years of service as an Internal Telephony Director. she has recently retired from an American provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services.

In Wendy’s personal life she has visited a few different countries; Brazil, France, Monaco, and London where she experienced first-hand the culture and communications. Her large family is also multi- ethnic, and the experience and knowledge of many cultures has served her well in all areas of communication and relations.

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