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Grant  Writer 

Work Type: Remote Unpaid Volunteer Opportunity


*Would be working within a team*


  •     18 +

  •     Experience researching and writing grants 

  •     Ability to provide, receive, and incorporate constructive feedback 

  •     Detail-oriented 

  •     Strong organizational skills 

  •     Creative and critical thinker  

  •     Enthusiastic team player and collaborator  

  •     Self-motivated, independent worker  

  •     Ability to execute work effectively in a virtual work environment 


  •          Research new grant opportunities  

  •          Keep a running list of programmatic and general operating grant opportunities, with deadlines on the SharePoint  

  •          Meet twice (or thrice) quarterly to decide which grants are the best fit 

  •          Write the majority of the grant script, with input from the board and leadership 

  •          Submit at least one grant a quarter (subject to change)  

  •          track applications/denials/acceptance  

  •          Present awarded grant stipulations to leadership 


To create a representative and diverse organization, we are open to all everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. We encourage professionals and volunteers of all experience levels to apply.


Thank you!

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