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Safety & Prevention 

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Here, we provide essential information and resources that not only raise awareness about the complexities of human trafficking but also provide insights into its prevention. We believe that everyone has a role in combating human trafficking, and through shared knowledge and vigilance, we can make significant strides in curbing this global issue. 

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Prevention Quick Facts

Learn four ways you can prevent yourself from falling victim to human trafficking.


Trafficking Traps

Human trafficking often involves manipulation and deceit, ensnaring victims through what might seem like innocent or appealing opportunities. By understanding these traps - from job offers to romantic relationships - we can take steps to avoid falling prey and help others do the same.


Safety at School

In the midst of a thriving educational community, students and teachers alike have a pivotal role to play in human trafficking prevention and safety. Schools not only provide an environment for learning and growth but can also act as a protective barrier against the perils of trafficking. Awareness, vigilance, and education about the warning signs and potential dangers of human trafficking are essential. By equipping themselves with this knowledge, students and teachers can contribute towards making their schools a safe haven and shield their community from the sinister threats of human trafficking.


Internet Safetey

The digital world, though a hub of information and connectivity, is also a playground for traffickers. Safeguarding ourselves and our loved ones requires a comprehensive understanding of online safety measures, from managing digital footprints to recognizing potential threats in the virtual space.


Safe Travels

Travel, whether domestic or international, often brings exciting opportunities. However, it's crucial to remain vigilant about the potential risks of human trafficking. Understanding the signs and adopting preventive strategies can ensure a safer journey, away from the prying eyes of traffickers.


Personal Relationships

Navigating personal relationships is an integral part of our lives, and it is crucial to prioritize safety and prevention measures when it comes to human trafficking. The risk can exist in the most unsuspected places, even within our personal connections. By learning to recognize signs of manipulation, coercion, or control, individuals can better safeguard themselves and their loved ones from the perils of trafficking. Understanding these dangers and implementing preventive strategies can lead to avoiding exploitation and healther relationships.

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