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Marcia Holt

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President and CEO

Marcia Holt grew up in Havertown, PA; where she spent her youth playing Field Hockey and getting involved in many High School activities. The “Gay Straight Alliance” (LGBTQ club) stands out for she started and served as President of this alliance. Marcia went on to Albright College where she held a few officer positions in various organizations, including within her class’s student government organization. Due to her major, Marcia had the opportunity to study abroad at the Catholic Institute of Paris, France. This experience left a lasting impact on her. Upon graduating college with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations; Marcia decided to return to Paris, France for a gap year. During this year long break, Marcia worked as an Au Pair (foreign nanny) for a large family and attended a French language school. Marcia proceeded to attend The American University of Paris where her interest in anti- human trafficking, as an aspect of international organized crime, began. Graduating with a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Law; she was accepted into the International Human Rights Summer Law program at New College, Oxford University, England in the summer of 2018. Her Oxford studies increased her compassion and focus more towards the victims of human rights abuses than ever before. Successfully completing her IHRL program, Marcia decided to indulge in her favorite hobby of travel before returning to the United States.  Marcia obtained employment in a large nonprofit organization’s anti-trafficking division before leaving to create BECAUSE Organization.

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