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General Programmatic Information

  • BECAUSE supports victims of human trafficking

  • Structural transitional living and educational program

  • Enrollment duration is three years

  • BECAUSE is an inclusive organization and serves all orientations and gender identities

    •  Yes, within the same house

  • No fees associated for incoming individuals

Pathways Program Overview

  • Individually tailored goal plans created with both Case Manager and Counselor

  • General goals that the program sets out supporting residents in achieving

  •  Breaking down programmatic objectives into trimester intervals gives the residents the space and time they need to heal from their past traumas, as well as process, and take positive steps toward their new lives


  • Individuals who have been victims of human trafficking

  • Must not be a current user of any illegal substances. Sobriety of at least 14 days, documented

  • Adults ages 18-40

  • Be in stable mental health standing as to not present harm to themselves or others

  • Individual’s physical and mental health needs cannot be largely outside of the expertise of current staff

  • If necessary, can administer their own medication

  • No pregnancy (Pregnancies discovered while enrolled will result in a dismissal from the program)

  • Does not have a violent, sexually heinous, or egregious criminal record

  • Is not listed as an offender of any kind

  • Does not have current warrants or bounties out for arrest

  • Individuals must be committed to growth and change

  • Willingness to adhere to program’s policies and procedures in their entirety

  • Contribute to the safe and welcoming environment of the house

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