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Meet our  Volunteer Team

Who We Are

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Javanna Sharpe Young

Grant Writer

A fervent advocate for holistic mental health and social justice, Javanna's vibrancy is matched only by her varied interests—yoga, capoeira, and the companionship of her beloved dogs. Her academic journey, peppered with the diverse flavors of Spanish and Portuguese, is as rich and colorful as her canvases. A proud Scripps College alumna, Javanna's post-graduation adventures have taken her from teaching in the bustling heart of Madrid to embracing the vibrant academic life as a Fulbright ETA grantee in Brazil.

Her dreams are a mosaic of ambitious study and heartfelt vocation, aiming to weave the threads of holistic mental care into the fabric of every life she touches. Javanna carries a quote close to her heart, “Don’t let the discomfort of growth trick you into thinking we are regressing,” a mantra from We the Urban that echoes her belief in the transformative power of personal development.

In Javanna's world, every brush stroke on the canvas, every new word in a foreign tongue, and every moment of mindfulness is a step towards a future where mental health care is not just a privilege but a universal melody that resonates with all.

We are incredibly grateful for the unique energy and perspective Javanna brings to our cause. Her journey inspires us, and her commitment to growth—in herself and in our mission—leaves an indelible mark on our hearts.

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Claiborne Hartman

Research and Content

Claiborne Hartman, our remarkable Research and Content Volunteer who's melding his love for international studies with real-world impact at Because Organization. Currently in his senior year at Middlebury College, Claiborne is not only well-versed in international politics and economics, but also in Spanish and French.

When he's not volunteering or hitting the books, you can find him on the football field or cheering on his favorite Washington, DC sports teams. His multilingual prowess extends to Portuguese, enhancing his ability to bridge cultures in our global fight for human rights.

A wordsmith at heart, Claiborne also has a penchant for word puzzles, which complements his knack for creating compelling content for our cause. His humanitarian spirit is evident through his work with organizations like Capital Area Food Bank and Equal Origins, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to community service.

Claiborne envisions a world where everyone has access to the essentials of clean water and nutritious food. His diverse talents, coupled with a genuine warmth and dedication, make him an indispensable asset to the Because Organization family. We're truly grateful for the unique energy and perspective Claiborne brings to our collective table.


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Naveen Haroon

Digital Marketing

Born and raised in Southwest Philadelphia MaryBeth Ford grew up an athlete and musician where she attended West Catholic Girls High School. Several months after graduation she joined the US Navy where she served towards the end of the Vietnam War as a Radioman for a little over 5 years and was given a Top-Secret clearance working in the Telecommunications field. This opportunity gave her the base to start a lengthy career in Telecommunications engineering and design where she eventually established and ran her own company for almost 20 years. During this time MaryBeth traveled throughout the country working as a Consultant & Project Manager helping many companies grow their businesses in the Healthcare, Financial and Pharmaceutical industries overseeing major real estate installations from Corporate Headquarters, Call Centers as well as Research & Development facilities. Working with local talent and work forces provided her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and lifestyles which she valued as an enrichment to enhance her own professional skill sets and contributions towards her success.

Outside of her professional career MaryBeth volunteered for over 35 years as a youth sports coach and is an avid musician playing many instruments in bands all over the country. This was yet another opportunity for her to learn and contribute to the many environments that she lived in over the course of 25 years before MaryBeth finally settled back in her hometown area of Philadelphia, PA, where she continued her professional career in Telecommunications working for a National Cable Company until December 2022 when she retired to move through her next chapter, including her participation in the Because Organization.

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William Cottringer

Board of Director

William Cottringer (Bill) has 50+ professional training, education and work experience in security and correctional management, law enforcement, mental health, human resources and college teaching. Bill recently completed a post-graduate certificate in human capital leadership from the American Military University in updating his earlier credentials with courses in organizational development, organizational behavior, leadership, team building, crisis leadership and ethics. Bill is looking to give back to society for all the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years.

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Alicia Perez

Board of Director

Alicia received her J.D. from Florida A&M College of Law in 2011 where she participated and was on the board for Moot Court and Trial team. Alicia graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Journalism and Communications with a minor in French. She is an avid Gator fan and attends football games whenever she can. Alicia was an assistant state attorney for the 9th Judicial Circuit for Orange and Osceola County for nearly six years and in 2017 made the switch into civil litigation in the area of First Party Property, breach of contract cases, defending homeowners against decisions on claims by the insurance companies. Alicia has done over three hundred jury trials in her career and zealously defends her clients. Alicia speaks fluent Spanish which has helped her bridge the gap in negotiations and communications with clients. Alicia has always had a passion for special victims and wants to use her education and experience to aid and create more awareness for human trafficking. 

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Corwin Hunter

Board of Director

Corwin Hunter  has a background in government, project management, business analytics and digital marketing. Most recently, at HollisSon Consulting, as principal/owner, he was responsible for tracking client policy priorities at the state and federal level, including managing and supporting clients and stakeholders in advancing these policies by conducting policy analyses, and developing resources and tools to support advocacy and communication efforts. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Howard University and a Masters in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins. 

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