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Survivors Deserve More

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Emergency Housing

- Safe and sanitary housing for a period of three years

- Community living opportunity

- Referral to outside housing options if needed

- Housing stability

- Transitional support out programing


- A guaranteed commitment to hygiene

- Products

- Showers

- Laundry

Health and Wellness

- Assistance in finding healthcare coverage and services

- Referral to Mental Health providers

- Referral to outpatient drug and alcohol programs

- In house counselling

Food Security

- Aid in obtaining assistance for the acquirement of food

- Food drive information

- Application support

General Resources to Children of Human trafficking

-Referrals to child Counselors and Phycologists


-Future planning support for transition into adulthood (16-17)


-Resource center for questions and aid

Life Skills

- Opportunity to learn basic skills to aid in future endeavours

- Gain the knowledge to live and be self-sufficient

- Community meals

- Ability to adapt to new situations and environments

Therapeutic Groups

- Art

- Music

- Dance

- Journaling

- Optional story sharing

- Self-care


-Referrals to legal professionals

- Support in obtaining legal documents

- Accompaniment to appointments and trials

Career / Job Coaching

- Strategies on job searching 

- Resume/ C.V writing aid

- Cover letter assistance

- General interview advice and practice

- Referrals to job readiness programs


BECAUSE organization (BECAUSE) is a non-profit social service and human rights organization that strives to support survivors of various forms of human trafficking. BECAUSE serves individuals who have fallen victim to human trafficking; particularly, survivors of the especially heinous sex trafficking. Many organizations aim at combatting the large-scale crime of human trafficking, but there are too few organizations that continue the work by providing rehabilitative aid to survivors, so that they may never fall back into the hands of traffickers again. These survivors of immense trauma need more than homeless or battered shelters to recover. Survivors need trauma-informed housing and programming in order to properly heal and rebuild their lives. BECAUSE strives to provide these trauma-informed services in the furtherance of supporting human trafficking survivors in becoming secure, empowered, and self-sufficient, once again.


BECAUSE strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for human trafficking survivors by offering reliable and consistent trauma-informed care.


Through compassionate and empowering support survivors of human trafficking will obtain the best chance of building a better, brighter, and more self-sufficient future for themselves.


To provide safe and trauma-informed services to individuals who have been victims of human trafficking.

​Deliver comprehensive programing to support survivors so that they may regain their independence, heal, and build a better future for themselves.

​Be a beacon of hope to those who may have thought there was none.


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101 East Baltimore Avenue #49 Media Pa, 19063

+1 (610) 545-3337

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